Het  gezelligste (eet-)cafe van Noordwijk !

Harbourlights Fireside Gathering + Tournament

Elke Eerste Zaterdag van de Maand!

Tournament format and rules:
The tournament will be played in two stages: A group stage and a final stage. Matches will be played in Bo5, standaard, conquest. 

The final stage will be played through the knock-out system. 
For a full view of the tournament check:

The tournament will be played in the "conquest" system. After winning with a deck, you can not use it again. You will state your decks at the start of the tournament and will only use those three decks.

Decks must be from the "standard"  mode. Decks will be declared in bracket name. 

All games with be battled out by "Bo5". Only the final will be played in a "Bo7" stetting. In a case of a draw, both players must use the same deck again. 

All tournament data will constantly be visible on big screens.
Final will be played on two big screens. One for each finalist.

Winnable Prices:
1st place: Blizzard Gift Card 20 euro
2nd place: Hero to your choice

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Liquidhearth link to the tournament:

Link to the official blizzard event:

Noortuks weer



Maandag: 16:00~01:00

Dinsdag: 16:00~01:00

Woensdag: 16:00~01:00

Donderdag: 16:00~01:00

Vrijdag: 16:00~02:00

Zaterdag: 12:00~02:00

Zondag: 12:00~01:00


Maandag: 17:00~22:00

Dinsdag: 17:00~22:00

Woensdag: 17:00~22:00

Donderdag: 17:00~22:00

Vrijdag: 17:00~22:00

Zaterdag: 12:00~22:00

Zondag: 12:00~22:00